Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Conservative treatment options for Rotator Cuff Tears

The conservative treatment options for rotator cuff tears are:

  • Rest
  • Shoulder sling
  • Pain medication, injection of a steroid (cortisone) and a local anaesthetic in the subacromial space of the affected shoulder to help decrease the inflammation and pain
  • Certain exercises

Surgical Treatments for Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff repair may be performed by open surgery or arthroscopic procedure. In arthroscopy procedure, space for rotator cuff tendons will be increased and the cuff tear is repaired using suture anchors. These anchor sutures help in attaching the tendons to the shoulder bone. Following the surgery, you may be advised to practice motion and strengthening exercises.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is a minimally invasive surgery performed through tiny incisions, about 1 cm each, with an arthroscope.

The arthroscope is a small fibreoptic viewing instrument made up of a tiny lens, light source and video camera. The surgical instruments used in arthroscopic surgery are very small (only 3 or 4 mm in diameter) but appear much larger when viewed through an arthroscope.

The television camera attached to the arthroscope displays the image of the joint on a television screen, allowing the surgeon to look throughout the shoulder-at cartilage, ligaments, and the rotator cuff. The surgeon can determine the amount or type of injury, and then repair or correct the problem.

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