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I have now had two knee replacements by Mr Attar , I am really pleased with the results. Mr Attar did an excellent job. I now look forward to a future with no pain in my knees thanks to him. I would recommend him to anyone who needed knee replacement surgery. He made me feel reassured & gave a first class service & after service.

Patient's Testimonials about Dr. Fahad Attar

Dr. Bhatti was genuinely lovely and made me fell 100% at ease. I was extremely nervous prior to the injection, but he was great at calming me down and keeping me distracted. He efficiently explained me about the treatment, the process and the consequences. I’ve had two prior injections in and it hardly even hurts. The other staff was helpful and kind to me as well, which overall made me feel calm relaxed.

Dr. Zafar

I had my second Full Knee Joint Replacement in February 2018, under Mr Atar at the BMI Alexandra Hospital, excellent care and operation went smoothly. Very Happy Patient

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