Paediatric Orthopaedics

We deliver specialist services in the management of bone and joints conditions in children of all ages. We provide comprehensive and compassionate care to children and adolescents for a wide range of conditions that may be affecting them since birth (congenital) or have developed as they grow (developmental) and other acquired musculoskeletal problems.

Examples of some conditions we treat are as follows:

Hips: Congenital/Developmental Hip dysplasia/Dislocation, Perthes disease, slipped upper femoral epiphysis, etc.

Knees: Discoid meniscus, Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), Patellar instability, Acute sports injuries including ligament injuries, etc.

Foot: Club foot, Flat feet, Cavus feet, Extra toes, etc.

Leg: In-toeing, Out-toeing, Congenital limb deficiencies, Unequal leg lengths,


Benign bone tumours: Exostosis, Simple bone cysts, etc

Neuromuscular: Cerebral palsy, spina bifida etc

Skeletal dysplasia: Achondroplasia, short stature

We provide patients with an individualised management care plan for both non-surgical and surgical treatments of these conditions.