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We are a team of highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons and musculoskeletal specialists offering a complete range of services in all subspecialties of orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal care using a patient-specific and multidisciplinary approach.

Our services include; treatment of sports injuries, chronic pain management, wide-ranging medical and surgical treatment options for managing arthritis and innovative evidence-based biological therapies for joint pain.

Our comprehensive treatment portfolio covers PRP and stem cell therapy, radiofrequency ablation therapy, anti-TNF and biologics treatment modalities, minimally invasive surgery, robotic and patient-specific joint replacement procedures.

Whilst browsing through our website we hope you will find a suitable specialist or the specific treatment modality you are looking for with easy to navigate features to locate the nearest practice to you, find the right specialist for your problem and choose the treatment option you are after. You can make an online inquiry or appointment with any of our specialist providers, if you have any questions or need further help get in touch with our Office Manager, Laura on 0161 393 7078 or email info@osomcare.co.uk

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Providing you with a full range of treatments using a patient specific & multidisciplinary approach
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  • Everything was explained well and I was showed what the problem is on the screen which helped me understand.


  • The procedure explained in detail by Mr Attar which helped reduce apprehension. Mr Attar very reassuring after operation. Brilliant aftercare by all staff I came into contact which. I would recommend Mr Attar and will request referral to him for my next operation.


  • Caring compassionate doctor,excellent surgeon, cured my hip pain with total hip replacement


  • Very helpful and positive to my disabilities due to hip wear and movement reduction. At last, something is getting sorted!


  • Dr Asad has been excellent. He explained his diagnosis of my various symptoms in a way that (a) made sense and (b) was easily understood. His diagnosis was backed up a several tests which made me feel comfortable that he was covering all angles . He provided me with a good solution to try plus options in case those solutions did not work. He has been clear and communicative with my doctor regarding his diagnosis and prescription. He is very approachable and I trust him.